About Us

My practice is a reflection of my life. It is a place that I go to today 38 years later with the same enthusiasm as when I began. My vision is to support people with their spinal health, along with making lifestyle choices that empower their health, their energy and their spirit. The vision is to help awaken people to the unconscious choices and actions that have gotten them to a state of altered health.

The best part of these years has been the families that I have served. From children to grandparents, we have cared for close to 8,000 people. The deeply felt gratitude for all these people who have entrusted me with their loved ones is, at times, overwhelming.

At 59 years of age, I continue my hobbies of racquetball, spinning, swimming, bowling, billiards and playing the drums .These are activities that give me energy, vitality and overall joy. I love staying active and hope to continue for a lifetime. Besides these physical endeavors, I have created a second career as an author and professional speaker. My book, Is Your Lifestyle Killing You? What are you chasing and why?, was published in 2006. I have lectured for BMW of North America, as well as the United Bank of Switzerland. I had my own radio show “Reclaiming your Health” on Jukebox radio 103.1FM for 2 years and was featured live on Whoopee Goldberg’s radio show out of NYC.