Uninstall–reinstall: The making of a new ME 2.0

Although it's a few weeks after the New Year, deep inside each of us is a desire to make this year bigger, bolder and more purposeful than any year in the past. We are filled with ideas, desires and a strong motivation to improve our current set of circumstances whether they be economic, relationship-based or just a more purpose driven existence.

Here is what I know.  Our belief is what drives us as well as holds us back from taking the audacious action steps that are necessary to bring ourselves closer to fruition to the goals we have dreamt about. If deep within our heart we do not feel certain about our ability to achieve a goal that we so desperately want, we will not be able to even begin the process.

After studying hundreds of self-help books, along with listening to thousands of hours of guru material, here is what I have found.

The 1st step in a personal transformation requires us to take a deep inquiry into our illusions and false beliefs before we can add on new information regardless of how insightful it is.

My reason for creating this statement is that our old program (belief systems) are so powerful and deeply rooted, that simply superimposing new info will only stay at the surface and not penetrate our heart which is where our earnest, and honest beliefs reside (our ORIGINAL PROGRAM).

Could we potentially do something to ourselves that we see and practice in technology every day and bring it to our daily lives?

What if there was systematic protocols to teach people a way of eliminating erroneous beliefs, outdated illusions, along with life depleting habits?

Well, it's not as easy as hitting the uninstall–reinstall button under my computer, but it represents a great possibility for each person to let go of before layering on another group of beliefs. Simply stated, we need less “layers of the onion” to go through in order to keep clarity on our new exciting program.

For almost 4 decades, I have sat at my desk at 5 AM with a pen and pad writing thousands of thoughts and ideas around the concept of what makes happy, healthy and fully actualized people tick. Yes, it's at the core of my purpose in my life to explore, to learn and to embrace the philosophies of the last 3000 years. To my amazement, we are asking the same questions that were asked by the greatest thinkers and thought leaders of the time. Why have we not answered those questions asked by Hippocrates, Plato, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed, the Torah and the Koran?

Why can we place a man on the moon, develop computer-generated body parts and make cars that can navigate the highways without a driver?  Yet, have most of humanity live as Thoreau wrote, “Lives of quiet desperation.”

What if the next generations of parents were gifted the strategies we are referencing here and had them available to their offspring at the earliest of ages?

It is my belief that most of humanity does not understand the power of the subconscious mind. It is a servant and will accept what ever it is given as fact. If the researchers tell us that most of our behavior and personality is established within the first 6 years of our life, what could happen if a simple set of rules were made available to every young couple, acting as a beacon of light, a proverbial GPS system and instructional booklet to be used as a default childrearing guide?

What if every set of parents could embrace the idea that their minds are like parachutes, “They work best when open?” Is it possible for a new generation to have installed into their subconscious beliefs that they have a unique genius within them and to actually believe that to their core? Parents could recognize this and give freedom to their offspring to move in the direction of their calling, supported and nurtured with trust and confidence so that they can and will find their way.

To uninstall our old program requires us to really study the foundation of where that old program came from. In most cases, we discover very quickly that these are not ours, rather the information and insight from our caregivers, parents and/or those that were responsible for raising us. In essence, we have never really evaluated our own beliefs. Not only have we not evaluated them; we have never even created our own beliefs until we challenge those that were given to us!

What makes this so powerful is that if we are willing to take this journey to uninstall the programs we were given, we simply give ourselves the opportunity to live our most authentic life. An authentic life is one in which you are living out your choices, your actions, and finally the habits that you see fit to help bring you to the goals and the aspirations that your heart desires. Anytime we try to live out other people’s ideals and someone else's philosophies, we can never be whole and never be able to live an authentically fulfilled existence. What a shame that is with only ONE time to go around.

Who do you know who is now living the life that a parent or spouse has asked them to live? Could this person be you? And if you are inordinately content with having chosen this path, stay there, it's your blessing.

But if you, after careful contemplation, have realized that you have followed the road most traveled (societies ways!), and are terribly unhappy and frustrated with that decision, you might be ready to reinstall the new program of ME 2.0

Here is a perfect time for us to take a look at some of the more common programs that most of us could, or maybe even should by mandate, uninstall

  1. Judgment of myself and others
  2. Feelings of “in adequacy”
  3. What others “think of me”
  4. Attachment to things-“Who am I without” my bank account, home, contents, automobile, job position etc.
  5. Lack of physical movement, lethargy and stagnation
  6. Anger and bitterness within myself and towards others
  7. Finding what's wrong with others
  8. Fear of trying, of failing or of what others may think
  9. Ignorance of food and its power to harm as well as to heal

The intention of this blog post is designed to do one thing and that one thing is to contemplate your contemplations about each one of the programs to uninstall listed above.

I am a simple human being who does not have answers for each of you. I can simply help initiate the process of taking a personal inventory of how you view yourself, others and the world at large. I have been taught that all of our answers are in us whenever we need to know them. What I have learned after 65 years on this planet is that this is a very real statement. At the root of being human, we don't trust ourselves; and therefore, reach out to others to validate our answers.

Yet, if we are the producers and directors of our lives, we must listen to the quiet whispers in our own heart and follow the road less traveled. We must learn to trust through our values and through our mistakes. I am asking you to spend time alone, thinking and writing what comes to your mind, after evaluating each program above. This process will be one of the more meaningful, enlightening and substantive activities that you have done in your lifetime.

You have a choice, to default as most of us do, acknowledging, “I don't have the time to do this exercise.” Or you can be honest and remind yourself that your greatest value is to live a life worth living based upon clarity, values and a sincere desire to know that your time here was valuable based on sowing your seeds and having them impact others.

So before we install our new program, let us defragment our old, ineffective, unproductive life depleting software, clear the hard drive and get ready for the NEW ME 2.0-- high-speed, high capacity, filled with 4G of LOVE, COMPASSION, AND NON-JUDGEMENT. It desires the best of me and see’s only the best in everyone around me.

Dr. Charles Berg