How Chiropractic Changed My World

             The word Chiropractic has a connotation to the average layman—a contrived pre-supposed definition that limits it to neck and back pain.

             Chiropractic is a philosophy of things natural.  It is a lifestyle, not an adjustment.

             As I reflect on my life, I amazed at how my profession has radically impacted who I am.  As a person, being a chiropractor allowed me to see how dogma controls our thinking.  Most Americans have been convinced that better health through better chemistry is the mandate for healthy living.  Chiropractic has taught me to not let the noise of other opinions drown out your own inner voice.  Chiropractic invited me to have the courage to follow my heart and intuition. 

             My profession grounded me and instilled confidence in the enormous, self-healing and self-regulating processes of the body.  When my own child had specific health challenges, I made decisions that were contrary to his doctors and stood confident to deny lifetime medication and surgery as his only options.  Looking back, I am grateful and humble to have made the decisions to avoid the invasive and potentially dangerous procedures.

             Professionally, I cannot think of another profession that could give me the joy and utter satisfaction that I get daily from my practice.  Purpose, as it is defined, is about finding a way to create significance in something outside of you.  When our intention is to provide care for another human being to reduce pain and discomfort, there is enormous joy in the pursuit. 

             Over the years, so much of my study incorporated the mind body connection.  It is my opinion that this piece of documented evidence is missing in mainstream healthcare.  Therefore, rather than teaching others how better to feed the mind, body and spirit, we have become a nation of chemical consumption.  Its affect on the balance of delicate biochemistry has produced a nation with almost one quarter of its population on anti-depressant medications. 

             Chiropractic has taught me to go back into nature and watch how all of nature lives its life.  A flower just is.  A tree doesn’t fight with its neighbors; it remains still, tall and attractive.  Spending some time in the woods has a very centering component to it.  In a world where there is an over abundance of sensory input, moment to moment, it is a welcomed sanctuary to escape to.    I suggest you try this for yourself. 

             Influence—My greatest joy is the sharing of these philosophies with all whom I encounter.  I respect everyone’s choices and will never impart believes or concepts onto others.  I simply have learned that “our minds are like parachutes, they work best when open.”

             As I reflect in the rear view mirror of life, I am again grateful for being “open.”  Exposing myself to what’s different has allowed me to see health, relationships, time management and every component of LIFE 101 in a contrarian light.  I was told many years ago, “Find what the masses are doing and run the other way.” 

             I tend to avoid medications and other invasive protocols.  I work very hard to give my children the “wings” to be who they are with the least amount of judgment.  I have learned to say “maybe” or “ I just don’t know,” with just about every question because it is the truth.  The longer I live the more I realize our “ignorance exceeds our understanding.”

             In synopsis, challenge your beliefs!! Find your solitude to enhance your internal peace.  Find what really juices you.  That something that allows you to be lost in time and space.  Success in life can only be defined by you.  Remember, we have a limited number of hours on this planet.  Time well used on the exploration of self-love, self-satisfaction and self-actualization will yield your highest level of joy. 

             It is my hope that this blog and those that follow make you think, introspect, and birth revelations that inspire you.



Dr. Charles S Berg