Trusting nature over synthetic chemicals

Seems like a no-brainer, yet more Americans reach for a pharmaceutical support before ever trying a natural protocol. Throughout the universe, every living thing depends upon what's in its environment to survive other than man.

Since my lifetime began some 60 years ago, I have witnessed the masses of humanity choosing artificial, man made synthetic chemicals over nature’s perfection (food and botanicals). Why? Yes, where and why have we departed from using what the planet has given us to keep ourselves healthy and wise? 

I often have these type of questions crop up in my head. I never have the time to truly research the answers but I turned to my heart and re- think the probable answers without leaning on partiality. 

Human beings have lost their instincts. We have depended upon listening to our “authority figures” in our lives. Guess what? So did our parents, and their parents before them. Thus we are a composite of false beliefs and illusions past on from one generation to another.

If we just listen to one day of our conversations, we would hear ourselves “professing our opinions or facts” as we reflexively give answers to one another. I would love to have the ability (time and energy), to challenge just one day’s commentary to determine if what I heard or spoke was actually the truth.

“I'm telling you”, “believe me”–“I know this to be true”–yes, we endeavor to cement our “Rightness-our “in fact, its so”, to our friends, family members and associates. When in fact we know so little about the accuracy and validity of what we speak so righteously about!

What fascinates me most is the “trust” the masses have in modern medicine. The confidence or certainty that people have in chemicals as the source of their answers to their healthcare dilemmas is frightening. It takes enormous time, effort and energy to thoroughly research and scrutinize other people's decisions especially in healthcare. So therefore, if it's good enough for the masses it's good enough for me. This is the process or the reasoning that most people have and although I understand it, I cannot agree with it. When we look at the horrific statistics regarding the health of this nation, pause, and ask yourself if our procedures were so correct and accurate why are we on this course of disaster? Why are we building wings onto hospitals instead of reducing space? Yes we are living longer but more accurately stated   “Sicker longer” and at a cost that is bankrupting our country. 

I will conclude this post by stating that I will defy the conventional model of healthcare. I have dug my feet deep into the ground and stand with certainty that nature is smarter then doctors and their chemical arsenals. My default choices will continue to be the natural order of things. I like all other mammals in the world will learn what plants; roots and live organic material can do to support a health malady that may affect my health or the health of my loved ones.  I have no need to defend my position. I simply trust in nature more than the scientific reports that seem to contradict themselves depending upon which scientist writes his thesis as well as what pharmaceutical company is backing his research. 

In time we will all sit down to a banquet of consequences, those of us who have lived on 10 to 15 medications for 20 to 30 years as well as those who have endeavored to live a more natural lifestyle. I don't have answers, just again a willingness to trust in the same intelligence that runs my body and runs this universe. 

Your greatest gift to yourself is taking a quiet but honest inventory of your daily habits and actions. An honest look at what we eat, our level of exercise and the quality of our thoughts will reveal where most of our ill health resides. Challenge yourself to the first step of a healthy transformation. Affirm your truth and take action.


                                                                                                Dr. Charles S Berg