Dr. Charles Berg

Uninstall–reinstall: The making of a new ME 2.0

Although it's a few weeks after the New Year, deep inside each of us is a desire to make this year bigger, bolder and more purposeful than any year in the past. We are filled with ideas, desires and a strong motivation to improve our current set of circumstances whether they be economic, relationship-based or just a more purpose driven existence.

Silencing the inner critic

Each of us has had multiple experiences of receiving hurtful, disrespectful and "seething" comments from others through our lifetime. I don't know anyone who loves receiving these caustic and deeply stinging words but it happens all the time.

We can never control the words from another person yet we have full control of what we utter to others. Many refer to this as our "filter"

Yoga can help your back?

Have you ever considered Yoga to help with your back issues?- you need to experience my wife's intro to yoga classes. Jody has 36 years of experience as an occupational therapist. Combine that knowledge with the benefits of selected yoga poses and you have an environment that is Safe, effective and result oriented . Take a listen

Loving "right now"

“To be free of time is to be free of the psychological need of the past for your identity and the future for your fulfillment”


When I read this quote, it took me a while to understand clearly the profound depth of its message. Please allow me to language the significance of this quote through my mind and my heart.

What effect does time have on our health?

Time is our most precious resource. Think about, we cannot manufacture more of it, yet we live like we will live forever.

In studying time management, here are some of my personal observations:

As a society, we are “chemically addicted” to hit the pavement running. What we fail to do is to take an honest inventory and clearly decide if these actions are urgent or important.

More than roses and flowers

So here's my take on Valentines Day. Unless someone is in a brand new relationship and needs a specific day to share their feelings of love and appreciation, here is yet another opportunity for society to have us spend three times the amount for flowers, chocolates and other gifts of acknowledgment. Anxiety abounds as each of us hopes that whatever we purchased was exemplary enough to demonstrate our appreciation and our love to our “main squeeze.”

“Fat wallet–thin life” Feeling

Have you ever felt like this? Millions of middle-aged baby boomers have. By the way, most of us will have a similar epiphany at some point in our lives. It's actually very difficult not to if you have succumbed to the “trappings for happiness”

My Why

I want you to know why I do what I do. I want you to know what drives me. I want you to know why I am so motivated to make a difference in our community.‪#‎getadjusted