What effect does time have on our health?

Time is our most precious resource. Think about, we cannot manufacture more of it, yet we live like we will live forever.

In studying time management, here are some of my personal observations:

As a society, we are “chemically addicted” to hit the pavement running. What we fail to do is to take an honest inventory and clearly decide if these actions are urgent or important.

What is the distinction between a paradigm of urgency versus a paradigm of importance?

To help make this effective for all of you, I ask that you take an inventory of 24 hours. Ask yourself “where am I spending or investing my time?

Quality time                                                             Trivial/time waster

  • Preparation                                                          magazines and e-mail                   
  • Prevention                                                           sensationalized news
  • Value clarification                                                excessive TV


How does this relate to our bodies and our health?

Well if you are tied to the urgent, you will reach for medicine to lessen the repeated heartburn or Tylenol for the repeated headache. You will take your daily dose of statins to help maintain your cholesterol levels.

The antithesis to this is to ask, “Why am I repeatedly experiencing heart burn, headaches or any of these other symptoms”?

To do this, demonstrates awareness. Not the automaticity that has dominated most of our actions. We awaken to remain conscious and act accordingly to take the corrective measures then make conscious decisions to minimize what we are eating that triggers these biochemical reactions and ultimate symptomatology.

One protocol is urgent and quick. The second approach is focused on correction of the cause!  Yes, it takes longer; it requires a clarification of my values, i.e. my valued health vs. the urgency of the moment.

To embrace this message could save your life. Please spend some time rereading this blog. Ask yourself how do I react to time? What do I see as urgent and is it in my best interest going forward to allocate this most precious life resource, TIME. ?

The journey inward can be very revealing!  Spend some time reviewing this message.


                                                                                                Dr. Charles Berg