The Mothers of our practice are getting healthy! (It is now your turn)

I am absolutely overjoyed with the response to our Mother’s Day Special offer which was 10% off the entire 21 Day Purification Program. As a result, we want to extend this opportunity through the end of the week (purchase by Saturday, May 18th) so that even more people can get involved. Click Here to Learn More

You can call (201) 666-5300 to get started and/or visit the office!

You are LITERALLY what you EAT!

I ask that you find (actually invest) 9 minutes and 22 seconds and watch the video from above if you want to elevate your life to a place that you have probably dreamed of, but have yet to achieve.


And unfortunately, this is a scary concept for most, but it really does not need to be this way…

Trilogy of Truth -2

Like it or not, it's another calendar year. For me, it represents my 60th year on planet Earth and I have decided to create an uprising!

In my endeavor to support my patients, friends and community, I have chosen to Start a movement. Movements begin when one or people sense a “growing dissatisfaction”. In this case, it's about restlessness and frustration with an out of control health care system that is both fiscally irresponsible and out dated in its practicality, is logic and its focus on disease care, not healthcare.

A Message To Mothers

Do you trust your maternal instinct?

Of course you do!  It’s more powerful than any other force.

Then is it fair for you to get caught in the vaccination trap?  You’re told by schools and pediatricians that vaccines are protocol.  But do you get a chance to understand the risks?

Vaccine manufactures can’t even be held accountable.  They’re legally classified as “unavoidably unsafe.” 

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme!

With 24 hour pharmacies and fast food delivery at any time of day or night, we are accustomed to immediate gratification.  In fact, many of us rely on it.