I can`t stand my choices

choiceLook around! Our society is becoming sicker by the day as millions of people are diagnosed with lifestyle illnesses that are robbing them of their life energy, joy and enthusiasm for living.

Let me cut to the chase. With all the rhetoric that is spewed in magazines, newspapers and online articles, the ultimate bottom line for causation of all issues are simply our choices.

Yes, words are cheap but action speaks volumes. When someone says I want to be healthy yet has orange stained fingers from “Cheetos” corn chips, it's the behavior that speaks the truth

As a doctor for 37 years, it has been my mantra to “take inventory of your daily choices, actions and habits”. Yes, this conscious action step is the absolute first step that is mandatory in order to initiate change.

Your willingness to “get real”, to confront your daily choices is the action you must take.

Staying accountable-

For the rare few people who have deliberate disciplines, they may NOT need someone else to hold them accountable. For most everyone else– WE DO!

The gravitational pull to resort back to our poor choices and habits is as powerful as the Earth's gravity. A rocket needs thousands of gallons of fuel to escape the Earth's atmosphere and the gravity it exerts.

Human beings also need fortitude, determination and a coach to break the “habits” that have kept us in bondage from a healthier life.

Personal responsibility a.k.a. staying accountable begins when we can focus consciously, moment to moment on our actions. The human mind is constantly distracted by the written word in front of us along with television voices we hear in the background and probably most important, the incessant quiet conversations we have within our own mind.


Mindfulness, like any other activity, requires repetitive action on a daily basis. After reviewing your own personal inventory, note how often the thousands of stimuli distract you each and every hour. It is my hope that bringing this to your attention will heighten your awareness.

Remember, it is extremely difficult to move away from our habits. However to recognize that some of the habits that you own and repeat, are leading you down the path that you really don't want to go.

The intent of this blog is to support your understanding that choices create futures. Human beings unlike every other specie on the planet can self direct their choices. Consciousness supersedes instinct. As a result, we can clearly and closely examine the actions and habits we have taken and begin to make modifications to lead us to a more desirable future. The distinction is in “your choosing.”

Spend a few moments reviewing this message and create a clear intention on how you plan to maximize these realizations and make every day going forward one planned with intentional choices that will lead you to a future that you deserve.